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How do I unmerge BARS accounts?

Updated Sep 25, 2019

How to separate BARS codes that have accidentally been merged together  

Create the new BARS code

Go to Transactions > Chart Of Accounts

  1. Click Line View
  1. Click Add New
  2. Enter Fund
  3. Enter BARS Number
  4. Enter Description
  5. Enter Dept
  6. Click Save

Print Year-To-Date Financial Report for the account that was merged

  1. Click Financial Reporting
  1. Choose Detail
  2. Select Fund
  3. Enter the BARS code of the merged account
  4. Select Date Range
  5. Click Preview, Printer, PDF or Excel

If you are uncertain of which transactions are wrong, get a backup of earlier data and copy into the test company to determine the correct transactions

Change each transaction that should not be in the merged BARS account to the correct BARS account

Go to Transactions > General Ledger

BIAS Support may need to assist with editing the transactions

  1. Highlight transaction to be edited
  2. Click View
  1. Click Edit
  2. Click Distribution tab
  3. Highlight transaction with incorrect BARS code
  1. Edit BARS code to the correct BARS account
  2. Click Save

Repeat steps for each transaction on the Financial Report that is in the wrong BARS account.

Re-run Treasurers Report for the Entire Year

Go to Reports > Treasurer's Report

  1. Select Month/Year to last month of the year that needs to be ran
  2. Click Batch Update
  3. Confirm From is 1 and To is 12 and the desired year to be run
  4. Click None, Preview, Printer or PDF

Manually Edit Budget Amounts that have been Combined

Go to Transactions > Chart of Accounts

To determine what the original budget numbers were, find a printed copy of the current budget on file.  Getting a backup of earlier data and coping into test company is another option.

  1. Find and highlight the BARS Account of the merged BARS code
  2. Click Line View
  1. Click Edit
  1. Click in the Budget cell to highlight desired BARS line
  2. Enter correct budget amount
  1. Find new BARS account and highlight
  2. Click into the Budget cell for desired BARS line
  3. Enter correct budget amount
  4. Click Save
Congratulations, you are done!
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