How do I create purchase orders?

Updated Oct 08, 2019

Go to Transactions > Purchase Orders

  1. Click Add New
  1. Select Vendor by clicking blue magnifying glass button to open the Vendor Accounts window
  2. Click to highlight desired Vendor from list
  3. Click Select


  1. Enter a Reason for PO

Note:  The PO Number may be left "blank" and BIAS will automatically assign the next number available.

  1. Select a Bill To and Ship To location.  Click the blue magnifying glass to add new locations.

Notice that you can check boxes to make this a default location for Billing and Shipping.

Enter the following key information:

  1. Enter Item Description
  2. Enter Quantity and Unit Cost
  3. Enter Tax Rate
  4. Enter in Line % the percentage of the amount that is being allocated to a specific BARS code.   (.99 -.01 is the percentage.  1.0 = 100%)
  5. Enter BARS Code with % of Item Total
  6. Click Save and Close

BARS Note:  Notice that the Available amount tells you how much is remaining in your budget for this BARS Code.

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