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How do I process customer move in & move out changes?


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Prorated Final Bills and New Bills need to be added when customers buy and sell houses or change tenants in a rental property. In order to prevent billing errors, be familiar with the entities current policies on prorating bills.  Check the policy to see if prorating is allowed and or if a read is done when a customer moves out.  

How do I create a Final Bill?

Go to Utility Billing >  Customer Accounts

  1. Click Activity
Test Data

  1. Click Add Adjustment
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  1. Choose Final Bill, for an outgoing customer, prorate the Final Bill. See How do I prorate a bill?
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  1. Check Confirm to Write
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  1. Check Set Owner To No? or Set To Inactive? if applicable.  These are checked by default on a Final Bill.
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Checking Set Owner To No? and/or Set To Inactive? will modify the outgoing customer account when you write the Final Bill.

  1. Click Write Bill
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  1. Click Yes to enter new Utility Customer now, click No to skip entering new customer.

  1. Enter new customer Account Information
  2. Click Save & Close
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Don't forget to print and mail the outgoing customer's Final Bill.  The incoming customer's New Bill will be processed with your next billing run.

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