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How do I process meter changeout work orders?


Changing out meters creates two sets of reads on the next bill, one for the old meter and one from the new meter.  BIAS will automatically calculate the correct consumption if the meter changeouts are processed through the work order function.

Go to Utility Billing > Customer Accounts

  1. Click Service Locations tab

  1. Click to highlight desired Service #, service location

  1. Click Work Orders

  1. Click Add New

  1. Select Meter Type

  1. Enter Requested Date

  1. Enter Service Date
    • If meter is changed out BEFORE monthly reads are collected, set the date to when the work was completed.
    • If meter is changed out AFTER monthly reads are collected, set to future date after the next Billing Date.

  1. Check  Is Changeout.

  1. Enter Current Read, the final read of the old meter.

  1. Enter New Meter Read, the starting read for the new meter.

  1. Enter any meter information such as Register ID, MXU, etc.  overwriting the old meter information.

  1. Check Is Complete

  1. Click Save & Close

  1. Click Print to maintain for record purposes.

On the customer's bill, the old meter consumption will show in Additional Readings and the new consumption will show in the main consumption location.

Congratulations, you are done!
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