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How do I create the State Auditors Data Request Files?


After the Annual Report submission deadline, the State Auditor’s Office may contact you by e-mail for a data request for additional information.  To submit your data request with reports from Springbrook Express, go to the Springbrook Express Help Center and search Creating SAO Data Request Files for instructions.

In the program's Modern View:

Go to Transactions > General Ledger

1.   Click the Printer icon on the right hand side.

2.   Select Transactions.

3.   Select the Year reporting on.

4.   Click Auditor

When the reports finish saving, two messages will appear. Click OK to each message.

The reports will be available in the folder referenced in each of the messages shown above. The default path for your program will vary but will be shown in the message.

In the program's Classic View:

Go to Transactions > Prints Transactions

  1. Select the Year reporting on.
  2. Click Auditor
  1. Springbrook Express will generate the TXT and CSV files, if necessary, in your report folder to be sent to the SAO.

The files will save in the correct format for the Auditors.

Springbrook Express will generate more files than needs to be submitted.  Only submit the requested Transaction, Transaction_Detail, and Utility Balances files, if needed.

Follow the instructions provided by the SAO in their email to transmit the files.

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