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How do I manage meter reads?


Before starting this section, be sure to complete How do I create a new billing date?

Manage Meter Reads acts as a control center for meter reads.  From here you can export reads to a handheld, prepare a read worksheet, import and analyze reads, and produce re-read sheets.

Go to Utility Billing > Manage Meter Readings

How do I export previous meter reads?
  1. Select Billing Date
  2. Select service Type
  3. For Handhelds, click Export To Handheld for Manual Reads, click Prepare Worksheet.


  1. Enter Route # From and To for the first handheld.
  2. Leave Stop From and To blank to include all stops in the route.
  3. Select Last Billing Date MUST be set to the last bill date WITH consumption.
  4. Current Billing Date will default to date selected earlier.
  5. Enter Low Limit and High Limit to desired percentage, this will default to the last % used.
  6. Check Unread Only on a re-import where reads already exist only unread reads are needed.
  7. Check Sort By Street Order to generate the list by street.
  8. The read file Windows location will appear in the box. No file will appear for manual reads.
  9. Click Run to produce the file and populate the screen with prior reads.

The Low Limit and High Limit compare current consumption to previous consumption.  If the percentage of current to prior consumption is less than the low limit, it will highlight in light blue.  If it is more than the high limit, it will highlight in red.  This is intended as a visual cue only and does not do anything other than allow you to isolate and review these groups of reads for accuracy.

A file will be created to be loaded to the handheld. Repeat the above steps as needed for additional handhelds. Complete the steps in the third party handheld software to finish loading handheld.

How do I print read sheets for Manual Reads?

Go to Utility Billing > Manage Meter Readings


  1. Click Print
  2. Choose Reads, by Order and Utility desired to print.
  3. Select Route to print one route at a time or leave blank for all routes.
  4. Click Printer
How do I import new reads?

Go to Utility Billing > Manage Meter Readings

The hand held device should create a file with the current reads that can be loaded into BIAS.  Follow the instructions from the third-party software to create the file for BIAS.

  1. For handhelds, click Import From Handheld
  1. Verify Billing Date
  2. Enter first Route on handheld.  For example, Handheld has routes 1-3 on it.  Enter 1 in Route to import routes 1-3.
  3. Check Import Reads W/O Time Stamp to skip time and date meter was read.
  4. Click Run


  1. For manual reads, click Edit.
  2. Enter reads in the Current column for each service location.
How do I analyze reads and identify re-reads or problem reads?

Go to Utility Billing > Manage Meter Readings

  1. Check Select to identify properties for re-reads while analyzing.  These will be gathered and printed in the next step.
  1. Select applicable Errors to sort by a specific error.
    • Zero Reads p
    • Zero Consumption a current read causing no consumption is usually not a problem unless the meter is broken and not turning.
    • Negative Reads aRoll.
    • Reads on Inactive Properties with no active customer but current read indicates consumption.  Review your policy on consumption for inactive customers, make owner account active on property to receive billing if necessary.
    • High A current read causes consumption exceeding the high limit.  Review for errors like an additional or wrong digit or possible leaks, then flag for re-read if correction is not obvious or check for leaks.
    • Low A current read causes consumption less than the low limit.  Typically, this is not a problem, but review for accuracy.
    • No Billing Rate A current read causes consumption for a customer without this utility service.  Make sure the read belongs to the property.  To bill active customer for consumption, add utility billing class for this service as necessary.

Meter changeouts will appear as negative reads.  This is because the prior reads are from the old meter and the current read is from the new meter.  Work Orders for meter changeouts will correct this in the Update Bills step.  Make a note to double-check these bills before printing but do not correct them now.

  1. To see all Errors Select All
  2. To sort by Consumption
    • Click on Consumption column heading once to sort lowest to top and double click to sort highest to top.
    • Review lowest for any negative consumption
    • Review highest for any extremely large consumption that may be errors.
How do I enter corrected reads?

Go to Utility Billing > Manage Meter Readings

  1. Change Errors to
  2. Click Edit
  3. Enter the Current Read for each property according to the re-read sheet.
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