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How do I print utility bills?


Before starting this section, be sure to complete How do I generate a monthly Utility Totals Report?

Printing utility bills is one of the final steps in the billing process.  Initiating the printing of bills will close the billing period, finalize the bills, and produce any necessary exports for online bill pay or outsourced printing.

Go to Utility Billing > Print Utility Bills

  1. Verify the Billing Date
  2. Due Date, Format and Type will fill in by default.
  3. Check Send Owner Late Bills to send an owner a copy of a past due renter bill.
  4. Select Print By to determine the print order, it will default to the last used selection.
  5. Customer From and To or Print Class From and To can be used to filter for certain groups, leave at default settings to print all bills.
  6. Xpress export file location and name will be shown at the top.
  7. For outsourced printing with Databar or other provider, Print Export will show file location and name.  If you are setup for outsourced printing, Print Export will be located below Xpress.
  8. Click Printer to print bills.

For Chart style bills, use the Offset box to move the starting point of the bars on the graph forward or back by month.  For example:  bills dated 12/20/2019 and offset of "-1" will make the current consumption bar show up as November in the graph.  No entry or "0" will use the Bill Date month.  This is used if the consumption being billed is not the current month.

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