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How do I generate a preliminary Monthly Utility Totals Report?


Before starting this section, be sure to complete How do I compare monthly readings?

The Monthly Utility Totals Report provides the big picture view of the billing run.  Generate before printing bills to do a final comparison and analysis looking for reasonableness.  Print after the bills have gone out to document the bill totals.

Go to Utility Billing > Reports > Monthly Utility Totals

  1. Select Billing Month and Year.  T
  2. Bill Type will default to Billing.
  3. Totals Only will be checked by default.
  4. Click Preview to review and print the report.
  5. Compare usage and charges by service to prior periods and the same period from last year.
    • The periods will not be the same but should be reasonably similar and make sense:  water goes up in the summer months and down in the winter months.
    • If there is significant difference, there could be an error in reads or a possible leak.

There are a lot of options for this report.  Many of them will be used later on in monthly reporting.  Before printing bills, be sure to review the billing totals to double-check accuracy.  After printing bills, print this report to document the billing run totals.

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