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How do I compare monthly readings?

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Before starting this section, be sure to complete How do I edit utility bills?

Compare Monthly Readings analyzes the pending utility bills after they have been updated with reads.  Verify and check for any unusually high or low reads causing excessive charges or negative bills.

Go to Utility Billing > Compare Monthly Readings

  1. Enter Compare To date range for current billing date to last billing date with reads. Typically, the last month unless reads were skipped or there were no reads for winter.
  2. Select Compare to Water Reads
  3. Click Generate
  4. Check desired Find filters to identify:
    • Selected
    • Zero Reads
    • Zero Consumption
    • Zero Prior Consumption
    • Negative Reads
    • Unusual Variance, percentage can be changed
    • Prior Reads, prior ending read should match this month's previous read.
    • Exclude Inactive Accounts
  5. Check the Use Meter Reads checkbox
Test Data

This tool can be used to compare changes between two billing dates instead of reads by changing the Compare drop down to Consumption, or any of the other charge categories.  Each time this option is changed, the Generate button needs to be used to re-populate the screen with the desired information.  Sort by the Variance column to see the bills that changed the most from month to month.

  1. Click to highlight account to correct errors found on bills.
  2. Click Edit
Test Data
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