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How do I create utility bills?


Before starting this section, be sure to complete How do I manage meter reads?

Create Utility Bills creates a bill with default changes for all active customers.  If late fees are issued on the bills, these will be assessed at the time of creation.  Inactive accounts can also be notified if they have an outstanding balance.

Go to  Utility Billing > Create New Bills

  1. Verify Cycle and For Date, should be Billing Date.
  2. If late fees are issued as a separate mid-month step, Assess Late Charge will default to No.  If late fees are added on the bill, Assess Late Charge will default to the set up style such as Prorated, Fixed, Ect. The fee structure should populate automatically.

When assessing late fees on the bills, timing is critical.  Fees are added to bills at the time they are created.  Make sure bills are created only after all on-time payments have been entered!

  1. Select Yes or No for Assess Interest, if there is an unpaid balance, it will calculate and add to bills a the time of creation.
  2. Select Yes or No for Bill Inactive Accts with Balances?  and Bill Inactive Accts With Credit Balances? This does not add new charges.  This sends a bill with an existing balance if Yes is chosen for either.
  3. Click Create
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