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How do I edit utility bills?


Before starting this section, be sure to complete How do I update utility bills?

Editing utility bills groups all bills by date and makes them available to modify.  From here, miscellaneous charges and fees can be added or removed.

Go to Utility Billing > Edit Utility Bills

  1. Click By Name tab, to look up
  2. Select the current Billing Period and Date Range.
  3. Click History tab to look up customers by service location or use the buttons in the lower right to sort
  4. Use additional filters in the History tab to:
    • Negative Reads to filter for customers with negative water reads
    • Prorated Bills to filter for customers with prorated bills
    • Past Due to filter customers with past due bills.
  5. If customer payments come in before the bills are final, update the totals to add in the current payment.  Click Refresh Totals to

On the History tab, click on the column headings to sort by that column.  Use this feature to sort for the highest and lowest total water consumption.  This will catch any mistakes causing unusually high or negative reads.

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