How do I print a monthly detail report?

Updated Sep 26, 2019

Go to Reports > Financial Reporting

Report Filter
  1. Choose Detail
  2. Use the Month From drop down in the Date Range to select the range of months to include.  In this example, June is the month for review, so June only is displayed.

This report prints all transactions by BARS code. Filter by month, fund, or other criteria, otherwise the report will be very large.

Additional Report Options
  1. Enter Account Range to filter by fund or a portion of BARS accounts like OB 10 to 19 for Wages and 20 to 29 for Benefits and Taxes
  2. Print Options:
    • Check New Page On Expense to start a new page for Expenses
    • Check New Page On Department for each department to be displayed on it's own page
    • Check Suppress Zero Lines to exclude any accounts with a zero budget and zero activity
    • Check Negative Only to isolate accounts with negative YTD amounts
  3. Check Exclude Beginning/Ending Bal to exclude the Beginning and Ending fund balances to show current year activity only.

As an optional part of monthly review, browse transactions coded to each BARS code.  Look for vendors or transactions that are out of place.

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