How do I print a Cash Flow Statement?

Updated Sep 26, 2019

Go to Reports > Cash Flow Statement

As part of a monthly review, make sure your numbers are within a reasonable range.  As of March, expect the budget to be 25% used.  Are the amounts listed for each month consistent?  Should they be?

Report Filters
  1. Select Year
  2. User identifies the user running the report and restricts the report to only the accounts they are allowed to view
  3. Select choose YTD, Budget or Projection to run the report based on actuals, budget, or projected revenue and expenses for the remainder of they year
  4. Project On is used when Projection is been selected.  The projection can be based on YTD or budget.  The percentage allows the projection to be increased or decreased and the remaining months can be filled in for the number of months left in the year
  5. Use the Month range to select the months to include.  In this example, June is the month for review so we include months 1 to 6
  6. Enter Account Range to filter by fund or a portion of BARS accounts like OB 10 to 196 for Wages and 20 to 29 for Benefits and Taxes.
  7. Check additional filters
    • Departments Only to exclude all other accounts and display department subtotals only.
    • Summary Page Only to exclude all details except summary of revenues and expenditures by fund.
    • New Page On Expense to start a new page at the end of revenues.
    • Suppress Zero Lines to exclude any accounts with a zero budget and zero activity.
    • Exclude Beginning/Ending Bal to exclude the beginning and ending fund balances to show current year activity only.
  8. Click Preview, Printer, PDF, Excel to print or save the report

Paper Size defaults to Legal accommodate the size of the report.  Letter can be selected, but the report will use a smaller font.

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