How do I print the Treasurer's Report?

Updated Sep 25, 2019

Go to Reports > Treasurer's Report

Printing Treasurer's Report
  1. Select reporting Month and Year
  2. Check reporting options
  • Check Previous Report  to view a previously ran report for the month selected or leave unchecked to generate a fresh report.  
  • Check Fund Totals Only to see fund totals only or leave unchecked to see fund details.
  • Check Account Totals Only to see account totals only or leave unchecked for account details.
  • Check Combine Investments to combine into one total or leave unchecked to view separate investments.
  • Check Print Outstanding Checks/Warrants to see Checks/Warrants that are outstanding or leave unchecked to exclude.
  • Check Hide Payroll Names to hide Payroll Names or leave unchecked to leave them visible.
  • Check Print Date/Time Stamp to check print time stamp of when the report was ran or leave unchecked to exclude.
  • Check Print Zero Balance Funds to print funds with a zero balance or leave unchecked to exclude.
  1. Click Preview to view the report

Compare the total Funds and the total of Cash and Investments to confirm that they are balanced.  If they are not, go back and look for transactions that were not put in correctly (ex:  missing BARS numbers, missing adjustments) and make the corrections.

Closing The Month

Verify that the Treasurer's Report is in balance and there are no more changes:

  1. Click the Close box to close the month.

The Tip box at the bottom will warn if the previous month is not closed.  It is best practice to close the prior month before finalizing the current month.  

  1. Verify the Month and Year are correct.
  2. Click Check Month
  3. If the Treasurer's Report is balanced, BIAS will automatically check Treasurers Report Balanced and the Close box will be highlighted to click.  Select to close the month.

If the Treasurer's Report is accurate and no more edits are needed, select Close button in the bottom right to close out the month.

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