How do I print a Transaction Report?

Updated Sep 26, 2019

Go to Transactions > Print Transactions

As part of a monthly review, make sure all Adjustments, Stop Payments, and Voided Transactions have been approved by leadership.

Report Filter
  1. Select Date of the period for review.  In this example, June is the month for review.
  2. Use the blue magnifying glass next to the Types to bring up the Cash Types additional window and select the transaction types for review.  In the example, we are reviewing all Adjustments, Stop Payments and Voids.
  3. Check additional report options
    • Enter number range in Trans to filter by transaction number.
    • Enter Vendor number or double click in field to select from list , to filter for a specific vendor.
    • Select Types to choose a single transaction type or click blue magnifying glass to select multiple.
    • Enter Chk Acct to filter by cash account.
    • Enter Chk# to filter by check number.
    • Enter Amount to filter by transaction amount.
    • Check Print BARS Distribution to include the distribution for each transaction.
    • Check Print BARS Totals to include subtotal for each BARS account used at end of report.
    • Check Print Type Detail to group by transaction type.
    • Check Print Notes to group by memo.
    • Select Yes to Include Employees No to exclude or Only to isolate employee paychecks.
    • Select Yes to Print 13th Month No to exclude or Only to isolate transactions flagged as 13th month.
    • Select Yes to Print Voided No to exclude or  Only to isolate voided transactions.
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