How do I print the Warrant/Check Register?

Updated Sep 25, 2019

Go to Reports > Warrant/Check Register

Include a check register of all expenses issued in a month as part of monthly reporting.

Report Filters

  1. Select Month and Year, for the desired month to process.  
  2. Select choose All, Claims or Payroll to isolate checks by type
  3. Choose Order to change the report order from Check #, Name in alphabetical order, check Date, or Account.
  4. Enter Filters
    • Transaction filter by transaction number
    • Bank Account isolate expenses by Bank Account number
    • Check # filters by check number
    • Include EFTs  select Yes, No or Only
    • Vendor to filter by Vendor Number
    • Fund to isolate expenses by fund number
  5. Select desired Payroll Filter All, Employees or Benefits. Payroll type transactions can be further filtered for employee paychecks, benefit and tax expenses, or all.
  6. Check additional filters
    • Check to Display Payroll Names or leave unchecked to hide employee names from paychecks.
    • Check Print BARS Distribution to include expense codes for each check in the register.
    • Check Print Interfund Transfer to add an additional page after the check register with fund transfers within the date range.
    • Check Print Department Totals to include totals by department in fund summary after checks and before footer.
    • Check Include Withdrawals  to include withdraw type transactions if assigned a check number.
    • Check Print APs to list AP entries after each check in the register including an AP memo.
    • Check Print Invoices to list AP invoice numbers after each check in the register.
    • Check Print Vouchers to produce a full page voucher with complete details for each check.
    • Check Positive Pay for an electronic output for bank submission (must sign up for Positive Pay with bank).
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