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How do I produce a Warrant/Check Register?

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The final step in issuing checks is to produce a check register, a simple list of the checks being paid.

Reports > Warrant/Check Register

  1. Select a Date Range to filter for a specific date range of Accounts Payables.  Default will be the current month.
  2. Enter desired Check #  
  3. Click Preview to review the report for accuracy before printing.

These are the basic filters necessary to get a list of checks by check number.  Additional filters and information below can be used to include more transactions and provide more information.

Filters and Additional Information

General Filters

  1. Select any filters you desire for your register
    • Choose Select -to isolate checks by type or include all
    • Choose Order to change the report order from check #, alphabetical, check date, or vendor number.
    • Enter Transaction number to filter by transaction number
    • Enter the BIAS assigned Bank Account number to isolates expenses by Bank Account number.
    • Select Include EFTs  for electronic expenses can be included (Yes), excluded (No), or isolated (Only)
    • Enter Vendor number to Filter by Vendor
    • Enter Fund number to isolates expenses by fund number
    • Select Payroll Filter for employee paychecks, benefit and tax expenses, or all.

Additional Information

  1. Check any additional information desired
  • Check to Display Payroll Names leave unchecked to hide employee names from paychecks.
  • Check Print BARS Distribution to include expense codes for each check in the register.
  • Check Print Interfund Transfer to add an additional page after the check register with fund transfers within the date range.
  • Check Print Department Totals -to include totals by department in fund summary after checks and before footer.
  • Check Include Withdrawals to include Withdraw type transactions if assigned a check number.
  • Check Print AP's to list AP invoice numbers after each check in the register.
  • Check Print Vouchers to produce a full page voucher with complete details for each check.
  • Check Positive Pay for an electronic output for bank submission, must sign up for Positive Pay with bank.
  • Select a custom Additional Footer be added to the end of the register.
  • Enter and Alt Header to replace "Check Register" as the report title.
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