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How do I create a County Voucher Report?


County Voucher Reports vary in formatting and style depending on the county.  Based on your county, this report is designed to produce the right file and electronic output.

Go to Transactions > Accounts Payable

  1. Click Batches tab
  2. Click Electronic Vouchers to select the desired batch

Filters on the Electronic Vouchers screen automatically populate to isolate the selected batch.  The only necessary action is printing the report and locating the electronic file.

  1. Select Report Filters:
    • Enter Transaction date range From and To
    • Enter Print Date for the date printed.
    • Select a Batch to isolate a specific batch.
    • Select a County to modify report output for specific county formatting.
    • Select a Check Type to isolate Claims, Payroll, or All voucher types.
    • Select Include EFTs  to include electronic transactions in county report.
    • Enter Check # to isolate specific range of check numbers.
    • Select a Bank Account to filter to the specific bank account the voucher should pay from.
  1. Check options to modify the report
    • Check Print BARS Detail to list expense codes and expense remark for each voucher.
    • Check Department Totals to add subtotal by department and fund after list of vouchers.
    • Check Print Vouchers to produce a full page of details for each voucher.
    • Check Print Voucher Invoices to add invoice information to full page voucher.
    • Check Suppress PR Names if employee paychecks are included, it replaces the employee name with "Employee Paycheck."
    • Check Print Invoice Detail to add invoice details under each voucher in the report.
    • Check Suppress Memos to remove the transactions memo from the report.
    • Select an Export File for counties that accept electronic voucher submission, produces appropriate file output for the selected county.

The export file will automatically be named based on the batch information.  To modify the name before printing the report, click into the Export File field and modify name manually.  After running the report, the export file can be found in the default file path as seen on the blue home screen when first logging into BIAS.  Type Ctrl + F to open the File Path folder.

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