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How do I set up a Memorized Transaction?

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Go to Transactions > Vendor Accounts

  1. Click to highlight desired Vendor

  1. Click Memorized tab
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enter Description
  4. Category will remain Expenditure.
  5. Select Type Percent distribution will be based on a percent of the total amount.  Flat distribution will recognize the flat dollar amount each month.
  6. Enter Total amount of the transaction.  Flat is the dollar amount and percent will be 1.0.
  7. Check Universal to make memorized transaction to be available for all vendors. Leave unchecked and memorized transaction will be for the specified vendor only.  
  8. Select Use In  AP (Accounts Payable), PO (Purchase Order), or Both.
  9. Select Memo To where the Def Memo will be recorded
  10. Enter what Item is being paid.  (Ex:  Part, Phone, Supplies)
  11. Enter Def Memo a memo line that can be shown on AP Memo, Invoice Memo, None, or Both.

  1. Enter BARS number
  2. Enter Remark if desired
  3. Enter Job if desired
  4. Add Contact if desired
  5. Enter Amount based on the Type selected in step 6, enter either a dollar amount or the decimal percentage.
  6. Line will populate automatically.
  7. Click Save

Memorized shows up as Auto Pay in Accounts Payable.

Go to Transactions > Accounts Payable

In the Accounts Payable transaction, there is a column marked Auto Pay.  Double-click in the cell and it will show a window of memorized transactions.

For more on entering an Accounts Payable go to How do I enter an Accounts Payable transaction?

Congratulations, you are done!
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