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How do I add or edit a Vendor Account?

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A vendor list is usually imported when starting with BIAS.  This section will cover how to add a new vendor or edit an existing one.

Go to Transactions > Vendor Accounts

Add a New Vendor

  1. Click Add New
  1. Check Is Active in Status
  2. Enter Address and Contact Info and Other Info as needed. The amount of information entered is determined by the needs of the entity
  3. Click Save & Close

The other Status 'Is Utility Customer', 'Is Contractor' and 'Bill Permits' do not get entered here.  Add them from the appropriate module as needed.

If a vendor may need a 1099, check Requires 1099 now.  It is easier to do this now and remove it later than to go through the entire vendor list later to add it.  For instructions on setting up 1099's, go to How Do I Create 1099s?

The Account number is assigned by the system

SS/EIN# can only be entered by someone with the appropriate user rights.  If rights are needed, have the Primary contact of the entity notify BIAS Support.

Edit an Existing Vendor

  1. Click to highlight Vendor that needs editing
  2. Click View

Edit Account window will appear 

  1. Click Edit to update Address and Contact Information and Other Info as needed.
  2. Click Save & Close
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